Heavenly Songs Displays was started from the need of our local parish to update its current song board. The music ministry was looking to acquire a new hymnal. After reviewing several song books, the committee was ready to make a recommendation on a new hymnal, but their choice would mean that the present song board would not accommodate displaying four numbers which some of the songs would have. Since those who worked on the old song board knew its limitations, a new avenue was sought that would give more versatility to the song board. While doing research to find a solution for our parish, it was realized that other parishes could benefit from our findings.

Keeping in mind that each church sings different numbers of hymns, that more than one hymnal may be used, and that last minute changes may be necessary, the E-Song Board was developed. It has turned out to be more accommodating than first imagined in that the display not only can display up to 6 numbers but it can be changed to fit the spiritual atmosphere of any church. Background color, letter styles, and even adding icons for different song books are all part of the display.

The display is an HDTV monitor. At first there was some concern about a monitor being out of place in the church, but that worry was put to rest the first time it was place in our church. Adjusting the background to fit in the church did not distract from the sanctity of the altar.

The E-Song Board was created to fit the needs of the music ministry. The songs sung during the celebration of Mass helps move the worshipers to a closer union with our creator.

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